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Miss Patel’s research interests began as a scientist studying the neurophysiological pathways governing neurotransmission and its modulation using drugs. This work was undertaken jointly at the Charing Cross & Westminster Hospital Medical School and at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, USA. Miss Patel’s work traced endogenous neurotransmitter release mechanisms and the relevant clinical implications of their use in practice.

Her current research interests are directed towards the role of the gastrointestinal tract in microsurgical reconstruction of vital organs including autologous voice reconstruction using free jejunal transfer, as well as tracheal reconstruction. This project is in collaboration with Profs Hung-Chi Chen and Lin-Mih Tsai at E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University Hospital, Taiwan.

Recently Miss Patel has worked on the analysis of blast injuries in confined spaces and the impact on morbidity, mortality and research into future defensive devices for public protection.

These research interests are reflected in publications in both scientific and medical journals.


  • Patel, H D L, Dryden, S., Gupta, A
    Patterns and Mechanisms of Traumatic Amputations Following Explosive Blast – Experience of the 7/7/05 London Terrorist Bombings.
    J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012 Jul;73(1): p276-81
  • Patel, H D L., Dryden, S., Gupta, A., Stewart, N.,
    Human Body Projectiles Implantation in Victims of Suicide Bombings and Implications for Health and Emergency Care Providers – Experience of 7/7/05 London Terrorist Bombings.
    Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England vol.94 No 5 June 2012; p313-317(5)
  • Chen, H.C. and Patel, Hasu D.L.
    Voice Reconstruction, Chapter 32.
    Microsurgical Reconstruction of Head and Neck, Editor Peter Neligan and Fu-Chan Wei.
    Quality Medical Publishing, 2010 p679-700
  • Radford P, Patel Hasu L. D., Hamilton N, Collins M., Dryden S.
    Tympanic Membrane Rupture in the Survivors of the July 7, 2005, London Bombings
    Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery 2011 vol. 145 no.5 p806-812
  • Vigneswaran N, H. W. Ng, Y. M. Samuel Ho, S. Y. Michelle Ho, T. C. Marcus Wong, Guan-Ming Feng, Sheng-Fa Yao, Hsing-Kuang Lai, Patel Hasu and Jagdeep Chana, et al.
    An innovative design for reconstruction of plantar heel by split partially overlapping anterolateral thigh flap.
    European Journal of Plastic Surgery, 2010 p403-407
  • Vasilakis, V., Patel, Hasu D.L. and Chen, H.C.
    Head and Neck Reconstruction using cephalic vein transposition in the vessel – depleted neck.
    Microsurgery, Vol. 29, Issue 8, p598-602, November 2009
  • Sewell, M.D., Ang, S.C., Patel, Hasu D.L. and Scott G.
    A rare presentation of necrotising fasciitis and myositis with femoral head necrosis and gas in the femur.
    European Journal of Plastic Surgery, Vol. 31, p143-145, 2008
  • Marsh D., Abu-Sitta G. and Patel, Hasu D.L.
    The Role of Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure in Blast Injury.
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol. 119(No.6), 2007
  • Marsh, D., Norton, S., Mok, J., Patel, Hasu D.L. and Chen, H.C.
    Microsurgical Training: The Chicken Thigh Model.
    Annals of Plastic Surgery, Vol. 59, p355-356, 2007
  • Wong, J., Marsh, D., Ghassan, A., Lau, S., Mann, H., Nawabi, D. and Patel, H.D.L.
    Biological Foreign Body Implantation in Victims of London July 7th Suicide Bombings.
    Journal of Trauma, February 2006; p402.
  • Hung-Chi Chen, Patel, H.D.L. and Yi-Cheih Chen
    Talking Jejunum: A new and safe technique of voice reconstruction using free jejunum transfer.
    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 2003; 111; p336-341
  • Patel, H.D.L., Yi-Cheih Chen, Hung-Chi Chen
    Salvage of right colon interposition by microsurgical venous anastomosis.
    Ann Thoracic Surgery, 2002; 74; p421-423
  • Patel, H.D.L., Anderson, J.R., Dunscombe, H.S., Carrington,
    D. and Munday, A.

    Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF): A new application for cytomegalovirus induced neutropenia in cardiac allograft recipients.
    Transplantation, 1994; 58(7)
  • Patel, H.D.L., Turnbulll, J.M. and Wilder, R.
    Correlations between the conditioned avoidance response and the
    release of endogenous neurotransmitters from rat brain slices.
    Proceedings of the IUPHAR 9th International Congress of Pharmacology: p1166, 1984
  • Patel, H.D.L. and Turnbull, J.M
    The influence of trazodone and haloperidol on neurotransmitter release profiles from brain slices of conditioned rats.
    Proceedings of the IUPHAR 9th International Congress of Pharmacology: p1165, 1984
  • Patel, H.D.L. and Turnbull, J.M.
    A modified procedure for electrically stimulating brain slices from conditioned rats.
    Journal of Physiology, 1982; 324: 12
  • Patel, H.D.L. and Turnbull, J.M.
    Effects of trazodone on the electrically stimulated rat brain slices pre-loaded with 3H dopamine.
    British Journal of Pharmacology, 1982; 75: 108

Accepted for publication

  • Laing, T., Van Dam, H., Rakshit, K., Dilkes, M., Ghufoor, K., Patel, H D L.
    Free Jejunal Reconstruction of Upper Oesophageal Defects
    Journal of Microsurgery


Patel, H.D.L.
Civilian Mass Casualties

  • Plastic Surgeons International Meeting, BVI – January 2007
  • European Society Meeting, Malmo, Sweden – 2006
  • Taiwan National University Hospital – 2006
  • Taiwan Military Hospital – 2006
  • E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University – 2006
  • Scotland Yard, London – 2007
  • British Trauma Society, Nottingham – 2008
  • Taiwan Eda-Hospital/I-Shou University – 2008
  • Royal Society of Medicient – September 2008
  • Casualty Bureau, Manchester – February 2009
  • Health Protection Agency – September 2009
  • Wilderness Medicine Conference – November 2009
  • Oxford University Medical Society December 2009
  • GEMS (Government Experts Mitigation Systems) – January 2010
  • Royal Defence Academy, MOD – July 2010
  • BASICS Conference – Oct 2010
  • Romanian Plastic Surgery Conference – Nov 2010
  • St Andrews Centre, Chelmsford – Nov 2010
  • Wilderness Medicine Conference – Dec 2010
  • British Burns Assoc Conference – Mar 2011
  • Care of Burns in Scotland (COBIS) Conference – Sept 2011
  • Audrey Few Memorial Lecture, Worshipful Society of Apothecaries – Oct 2011
  • GEMS, MOD, Bristol – Jan 2012
  • Royal Defense Academy – May 2012
  • University of Salzburg – June 2012
  • 256 Field Hospital, Guys Hospital London – July 2012

Patel, H.D.L.
Biological Foreign Body Implantation

  • European Society Meeting, Malmo, Sweden – 2006
  • Taiwan National University Hospital – 2006
  • Taiwan Military Hospital – 2006
  • E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University – 2006
  • Romanian Plastic Surgery Conference – Nov 2010

Patel, H.D.L.
Earthquake in Pakistan (2005)

Patel, H.D.L.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Hamburg – Suture Techniques for Ethicon (2007)
  • Department of ENT Surgery – Flap care (2010)
  • Royal London, Lower Limb Trauma (2009)
  • High Arcal School, Tipton, West Midlands – March 2011
  • World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery, Finland, Free Jejunal Flap – June 2011

Boca, Radovan, Patel, Hasu D.L. and Langford, Richard
Hypo-oesophageal Reconstruction, Royal Society of Medicine, February 2009

February 2, 2007: 8:50 AM-10:15 AM 11817 The Hilton Pasadena

Khurshid Alam, MSc, MRCS, Mobin Syed, F Zaman, Hasu Patel, FRCS, B. Patel, FRCS
The Role Of Beta Defensins in Keloid Pathegenesis, Emerging Concept

BAPS Meeting: December 1998

Price, R.D., Patel, H.D.L., Govilkar, P. and Niranjan, N.S.
Perforator based V-Y advancement flaps in reconstruction of lower limb defects

Staiano, J.J., Moieman, N., Patel, H.D.L. and Frame, J.D.
Massive breast reduction using the vertical scar Asplund technique; a review of twenty cases

BAPS Meeting November 2001 and British Society of Hand Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons, London, October 2001

Caulfield, R., Mee, S., Coldham, F, Patel, H.D.L. and Nanchahal, J.
Outcome of flexor tendons repaired using absorbable four strand suture

Teaching Experience

Demonstrator in Department of Anatomy (Honorary)
Queen Mary & Westfield College Aug 92-Jan 93
University of London

Visiting Professor to E-Da Hospital/I-Shou University Taiwan (For teaching and research)
2006 to date

Educational Supervisor – F1/F2 Trainees
2006 to date

FRCS(Plast) Course lecturer
2009, 2010, 2012

Royal College of Surgeons ENT conference: lecture – Flap Care

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