Skin cancer (malignant lesions)

The incidence of most skin cancers increases as we age. Skin cancers tend to occur on sun-exposed parts of the body and it is considered that over exposure to sun early in life may result in a skin cancer some years later.

Plastic Surgeons frequently treat skin cancer because they have the techniques to close wounds sometimes by skin grafts or flaps, but often by simpler means, though often working in conjunction with Skin and Cancer Specialists. This means that they can remove the tumour and repair the wound. The priorities for treatment are complete removal of the cancer, achieving rapid healing, getting the patient back to normal and getting the best possible appearance.

There are three types of skin cancer:

  • Basal cell cancer
  • Squamous cell cancer
  • Malignant melanoma

Basal cell cancer is the most common and is easily treatable. Squamous cell cancer is less common and can be more problematic, while malignant melanoma is serious and needs to be treated urgently. In the case of squamous cell cancer and malignant melanoma, early diagnosis and intervention are essential. The treatment is carried out within a multi disciplinary team of specialists.

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