Prominent ear correction (“Pinnaplasty”)

The Surgery

Ear correction surgery or a Pinnaplasty operation, corrects protruding or imbalanced ears, or ears that are out of proportion with other facial features.

The surgery can be performed under a local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic and usually takes about an hour. Small incisions are made in the natural crease of the ear, through which the surgeon re-shapes the cartilage and in some cases a small portion is removed. The ear is then stitched back into place in the correct position. The patient’s ears will be packed with moulding material and your head will be bandaged.

Pinnaplasty is a relatively quick operation and patients are able to go home the same day. Patients should plan to take a week off from work any strenuous work or activity should be avoided for at least four weeks.

For a week following surgery it will be necessary for the patient to wear bandages around their ears, and smaller bandages for a few weeks after that to ensure the natural healing process happens as quickly and effectively as possible. The patient will then need to return to the clinic to have their head dressing and any stitches removed.

Safety and potential risks of Pinnaplasty surgery

The majority of patients undergoing a Pinnaplasty procedure performed by an experienced surgeon achieve good results with a rapid recovery. In a small proportion of patients complications can occur as listed:

  • Discomfort – Some pain is common with most operations, but the patient will be prescribed painkillers for a few days following surgery.
  • Bleeding – Bleeding can occur after surgery but is easily managed by the surgeon.
  • Scarring – In certain cases scarring of the skin can occur but this will fade over time and is hidden behind the ear.

This is not a definitive list and symptoms will vary with each patient.

Next Steps

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