Scar revision

The surgery

It may be possible to improve the appearance of red, itchy and/or unsightly scars either by steroid injection, silicone gel tape or surgical excision. If the treatment requires surgical excision this is performed under local anaesthetic.

Depending on the size and type of scar requiring treatment the scar revision can often be undertaken in the Outpatient Clinic. These procedures usually take about thirty minutes to one hour.

Sutures will need to be removed (if not dissolving) and a pressure garment may be required. If the scar is large serial excision may be required.

The scar will need moisturising (with an unscented moisturiser) and massaging to help with the final result.

Skin coloured surgical tape is applied for a minimum of two weeks to help support the scar.

Bathing or showering is allowed so long as care is taken not to get the dressings wet.

Sun block should be worn for eighteen to twenty four months over the affected area as it will be prone to burning.

Next Steps

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