Blepharoplasty (“eye lid surgery”)

The Surgery

The surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthetic but can be done under local anaesthetic. The incisions are marked on the skin and as a rule, an incision is made in the skin crease of the upper lid removing skin above it to ensure the scar remains hidden post-operatively. Any excess fat bulging forward is removed and the incision is carefully sutured with a single pull-out stitch. On the lower lid, an incision is made just under the eyelashes and any bulging fat or skin excess addressed. Again, positioning the incision this way allows the resultant scar usually to be almost invisible.

Occasionally, where the problem relates to bulging fat only, the procedure can be carried out from inside the lid with no external incision. The wound is then sutured and some paper stitches applied for extra support and a cool pad is used to reduce the swelling.

Preparing for surgery

It is important that Miss Patel be aware of any medication you may be taking or of any pre-existing health problems. These will be discussed at consultation.


This type of surgery is not usually uncomfortable and has a fairly smooth postoperative recovery. The patient is normally able to go home the following day.

The swelling and bruising normally goes down in the first week. Patients are able to return to work one to two weeks following surgery.

Miss Patel will see the patient four to five days after surgery to remove the suture. Where the lower eyelid has been treated, it is frequently supported with a little paper tape for a further week or so.

The patient will be given instructions on exercises to minimise the risk of problems. The scars settle very quickly and makeup can be applied once the tape is no longer being used.

Safety and potential risks in Blepharoplasty.

The majority of complications from Blepharoplasty are minor and they are typically only problematic in the short-term rather than a serious setback or long-term problem:

  • Haematoma (blood collecting in the wound) – this occurs occasionally and is easily managed by the surgeon.
  • Scar – This settles well within the crease of the eyelid.

This is not a definitive list and symptoms will vary with each patient. Please ask Miss Patel for more information.

Next Steps

For further information please contact Miss Patel to arrange a consultation.

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