Advice on fees

Advice On Fees (Self Financing)

Patients being treated for conditions covered by their private medical insurance should go to the section for:
Insured Patients for further information.

Those patients not covered by private medical insurance will receive a detailed quote of the costs involved in their treatment following their consultation. Estimates of costs can be given before the consultation though these may be revised when a detailed treatment plan is determined, depending on individual requirements.

In general, fees include all surgical, anaesthetic and hospital care. These costs are explained in detail below.

Consultation Fees

Where appropriate, the consultation includes a detailed assessment and discussion of the clinical problem. The consultation fee is payable at the end of the appointment and can be made either by cash or cheque. Subsequent pre-operative consultations, where necessary, are usually included in the initial consultation fee.

Procedure Fees

For many procedures carried out by Miss Patel a standard fee is applicable whilst for some combined or more complex procedures, the surgical fee may vary depending on the extent and complexity of the surgery. An accurate estimate of the fee will be made following the consultation.

The estimate of the procedure cost includes the surgical fees, the anaesthetist’s fee (where appropriate), hospital and theatre costs and typically two follow up visits.

Miss Patel operates at a number of well-known private hospitals and the hospital fees charged may vary depending on the particular location chosen since the hospital charges vary for particular procedures.

Surgical Fees

Surgical fees include inpatient care, surgical treatment and routine postoperative care, including follow up consultations where appropriate.

Anaesthetic Fees

Where the services of a Consultant Anaesthetist are required (e.g. for general anaesthetic procedures), a fee is payable. This fee is usually collected together with the surgical fees though, but in some instances, this may be collected by the hospital.

Hospital Fees

Hospital fees are charged by the hospital and cover room costs, inpatient care, theatre costs and postoperative nursing care. The planned number of nights’ stay will be included in the package cost. From time to time, patients may elect to stay an additional night and an additional fee may be payable. Hospital fees are payable directly to the hospital concerned.

For information on the cost of procedures please contact

BMI offers a payment plan see the following link

Advice On Fees – Insured Patients

Patients seeking treatment for conditions not covered by private medical insurance should refer to the section for Self Financing Patients (scroll)

Miss Patel is registered as a provider with all the major medical insurance companies, including AXA PPP, BUPA, Norwich Union and Standard Life. In general, the fees charged are in keeping with the remuneration offered by the insurance companies and no additional fees will be charged to the patient. *Prior to a consultation or treatment covered under the patient’s insurance policy, it is necessary to request an authorisation code from the patient’s insurance company, guaranteeing that the service provided is covered. Patients without an authorisation code may be asked to pay for services personally and recoup the fees from their insurer.

Where surgical management is planned, the patients insurer will require a list of the relevant procedure codes detailing the exact management plan. Miss Patel’s team will be happy to provide these upon request.

*A wide variety of insurance policies are now available with varying levels of cover offered. For the majority of patients, the entire process is covered but some policies specifically exclude consultations, some procedures, post-operative follow up, suture removal or the medication prescribed to the patient. In some instances, a policy excess may be payable by the patient or there may be a ceiling on the amount of cover offered.

It is important that the patient establish which elements of their care are covered so they are aware of the portion of the treatment for which they may be required to pay themselves. The patient will be responsible for any bills not covered by their insurer.

If the patient is in any doubt regarding the level of their cover, they should consult their insurance company directly.

For information on the cost of procedures please contact